Video Downloader pure 1.97.7

Video Downloader pure 1.97.7

by startpage24

Download and save videos playing on a website like youtube to your hard disk

About this Add-on

Download and save videos playing on a website to your hard disk. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It's so easy:1) play a video e.g. on youtube.com2) click the "Downloader" icon in the toolbar. A menu comes up containing the available video formats3) click the green download-button of the video format you want to download4) a "file save"-dialog comes up where you can select the destination.That's it!If you have disabled your toolbar you can also download the video via the context menu. Just right click to an empty area while the video is playing.Caution:The download of protected videos (RTMP protocol) is currently not possible.If you still want to download these videos, we recommend our free browser plugin at for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
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Version Information

* * Version 1.97.7* * * Released August 21, 2013* * 35.2 KB* * * * Works with* Firefox 14.0 and later * ** * * ** * Source code released under Custom License * * * * * * * View the source* *